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A GLS-sel történő standard kiszállítás INGYENES MAGYARORSZÁG egész területén


Szállítási idő:

Magyarország: 2 munkanap

Szállítási partner

A megrendeléseket a GLS futárszolgálattal küldjük

Confirmation of receipt of order

Immediately after your purchase, we will send you an email confirming receipt of your order. A purchase contract is only entered into when the ordered goods are dispatched which will also be confirmed by email.


Dispatch confirmation

Once your parcel has been transferred to GLS, you will receive another email.


Receipt of payment (prepayment option)

Once your payment has been received, we will send you a confirmation email.


Confirmation of your returns

Once your returns have been processed by our logistics center, you will receive a confirmation email. 

In addition, we charge a shipping fee according to the country:


Delivery fee (< 3 kg)

Szlovákia = 11,35 EUR / 3700 HUF

Horvátország = 11,35 EUR / 3700 HUF

Románia = 11,35 EUR / 3700 HUF

Szlovénia = 11,35 EUR / 3700 HUF

Csehország = 11,35 EUR / 3700 HUF

Lengyelország = 11,60 EUR / 3800 HUF

Bulgária = 11,60 EUR / 3800 HUF


Jelenleg még nem használjuk a Click & Collect szolgáltatást.

Szállítási idő: (munkanapok)

Magyarország: 2 - 3 nap

Szlovákia: 2 - 3 nap

Horvátország: 2 - 3 nap

Románia: 2 -3  nap

Szlovénia: 2 - 3 nap

Csehország: 2 - 3 nap

Lengyelország: 2 - 3 nap

Bulgária: 3 nap

Shipping partner

Your orders will be shipped via GLS. Please note: we do not yet offer a Click & Collect service.

Would you like to return one or more items from your order?

To do so, select your most convenient shipping option and send your order back to us. Please keep the receipt of postage until you have received an email confirming receipt of your returned items. Please note that you have to cover the costs of returning the items back to us.

Please note the following security advice:

We will never contact you (by phone or email) to ask you to reveal personal information and never without stating the order number, except in the case of possible queries regarding current online orders.

If you receive an email from us but you have doubts about the authenticity, please contact our Customer Service team. We are happy to verify the email you received.

ANDES MUNAY Online Shop contact, in English.


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